Betty razor scooter

Betty Razor Scooter – Purple Pocket Mod Electric ScooterBetty Razor Scooter – Purple Pocket Mod Electric Scooter

So this is another version of the popular Pocket Mod electric scooter for kids that is made by Razor. It has a feminine touch to it, with the purple detailing and is affectionately known as the Betty Razor scooter. Here a bit more on this scooter

More on the Betty Razor Scooter

To begin with, this scooter is just like all the other models or varieties in terms of technical specifications. It is the same shape, has the same motor, brakes, wheels etc. The only difference, as is the case with all the other pocket mod scooters, is the cosmetic aspects of the machine.

The cosmetic aspects are basically the cowling and fairings that cover the mechanical parts of the machine. So you have the purple engine cowling that covers the motor. Apart from it's purple color, there is a graphic representing flowers and the word Betty written on it. The flower graphic and Betty moniker are repeated on the front fairing.

The color scheme is mainly purple with a white seat cover and stanchion. As the name suggests, this is a scooter aimed at girls.

Background To The Pocket Mod Scooter

The Betty Razor Pocket Mod is based on the Vespa scooter that came out of Italy in the 1940s and 50s.  The scooter was initially a cheap form of transport in a region of the world that had been devastated by years of fighting and war. So it was a utilitarian vehicle initially but it seemed to catch on, especially with younger people that may have been strapped for cash.

To this extent it found a home in many youth movements, notably the mod movement in the UK in the early 1960's. The scooter became an  icon of the mod movement and many where customized with logos and badges to reflect where the owner had come from. There where also elaborate side mirrors and luggage racks that gave a scooter some individual character.

The name Mod might even have inspired the name of the pocket mod scooter as well. The mod movement faded in the late 60s but went through a number of revivals in various parts of the world, notably in the UK and the USA with films like Quadrophenia being released in the late 70s. One aspect of this was to buy a Vespa scooter and do it up. Then ride it around on weekends or meet up with like mined mod revivalists. So parents might be reliving their youth when they see their sons and daughters riding around on a pocket version of the famous scooter.   

Betty Razor Pocket Mod Specifications   

Like all the other pocket mod scooters, the Betty is powered by an electric motor that can produce a top speed of 15 mph. The speed is controlled by a switch on the right handle bar.

The machine has disk brakes that are also control via a lever on the left handlebar.

The wheels are 12 inches in diameter and are wide with a good tread. They can be pumped up to be softer if riding on rough terrain or harder if on flat harder surfaces. A foot pump with pressure gauge is supplied with the purchase of the Betty Razor scooter.

Betty Razor Scooter – Purple Pocket Mod Electric ScooterOther features of the Betty Razor Scooter

The machine has a retractable stand so that it can be safety parked when not in use.

As part of the purchase, you get a recharging adapter that fits into any wall socket that connects to the mains electricity. There is a recharging port connector below the seat of the scooter. Hooking the scooter up to the main electricity will start the charging process. This can take up to 12 hours if the battery is fully discharged but this is unlikely and it will probably only take a few hours before you child can be riding around again.

The literature from the manufacture claims that a fully charged motor will last for 1 hour of constant movement.

This is an extremely popular scooter for kids, and seems to be mainly aimed at girls however the vapor and hot mod razor scooters have a more neutral theme and styling to them.     

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