Currie Technologies eZip Electric Scooter

Currie Technologies eZip Electric Scooter Currie Technologies eZip Electric Scooter Compared And Reviewed – Which One Is Right For You ?

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Today, technology is continuously advancing, and you can see that in practically everything, even scooters have taken a modern twist.  The nice thing about the Currie Technologies eZip Electric Scooters is that they are actually “going green” in the sense that they are eco friendly.  Because they are pretty much emission free, by owning and using one, you are actually doing something good for the environment as well as your bank account too.

So if you are interested, here are a couple that are definitely worth taking a look at -

  • the Currie Technologies eZip E450 Electric Scooter,
  • the eZip 500 Electric Scooter,
  • and the Currie Technologies eZip E750 Electric Scooter. 

Although they in the same line, there are a couple of features that make them different.  So if you are looking for the right model for yourself, a friend, or even a loved one, here is a pretty detailed review that has what you need to know before you order the next one you see.

Currie Technologies eZip Electric Scooter Specs and Features:

Let’s start with the Currie Technologies eZip E450 Electric Scooter.  This one is actually better for the younger crowd, like teenagers.  As long as they aren’t over 180 lbs, this one is actually ideal for those who are 13 years old and up.  

The the eZip 500 Electric Scooter, as said by the company, is great for both the young and the old, kids and adults alike with the limit of 240 lbs. 

The Technologies eZip E750 Electric Scooter, on the other hand is leaning more towards the older crowd having the limit of 260 lbs.

The E450 is powered by a 450 watt motor.  That's probably where it gets it's name from !  What makes this suitable for teens is that even if the  Alloy DC Earth Magnet Motor is pretty powerful, the max speed is about 15 mph- not too fast, not too slow either.  

The E500 follows suit with a 500 watt motor and so does the E750 with a 750 watt motor.   However, they do pretty much the same max speed as the first one.

As for the battery, all three are powered by EV Rated SLA Type.  But what you really need to know is that all you have to do is plug it to a socket and let the charging begin.  Once the battery is full, with the E450 and E500 you will actually be able to go up to 8 miles on these machines.  So it is just what you need to get to school or make a quick stop at the grocery.  The E750 on the other hand can go up to 4 miles farther.

The nice thing about the battery is in fact the charger.  It is UL listed which is a good thing so that you know the product is certified to be safe.  But what makes it like no other is that it actually has an LED status display.  This feature lets you see how long till it is ready to go for a spin again.  But just like a watched pot never boils, one really cool feature is that it will actually alert you when it is full, just like an alarm clock.  How cool is that?

Controlling the eZip E450, the eZip 500, and the eZip E750 Electric Scooter is all pretty much the same.  The creators say that it is a special Currie design, but it is just like your average throttle that you grip and twist.  Each also has a simple on and off switch, easy access port for charging, and when it is time to stop, there is the hand operated brake.

All three scooters have practically the same design where you have the option to stand or sit.  Although the colors and prints may vary. 

Currie Technologies eZip 750 Electric Scooter The E450 is a bright red with colorful prints on the saddle.  The E500 is mainly green with earth tone prints.  The E750 is a darker, richer red, and the saddle is plain black.  In a way, even the design, print, and colors also determine which age group each scooter caters too.

One really great feature that all three have is covered with non-slip resin.  So just in case to get caught in a sudden downpour, at least you won’t have to worry about sliding off your scooter as you race to get some shade.

When it comes to the wheels, the scooters all have Currie Exclusive Polished Alloy Wheels.  However, the E450 doesn’t have wide mags like the other two do.  That most likely has something to do with the size.  The E450 has 10 inch slick tires while the other two’s are 12 inch ones.

One thing that I really liked about the Currie scooters, and I’m pretty sure that it will also appeal to several other people, is that fact that they were all made with the Exclusive  Currie folding design where the handlebar and stem can actually lay forward.  This makes storing the scooter so much easier.  I mean not everyone has a wide garage.  Plus, this also makes it easy to pack behind your car and bring it along with you on  a long road trip or even just a quick drive down to the park. 

What people have to say…

“This was purchased by my 9 year old daughter with her savings after her 11 year old brother received one for his birthday. They BOTH love their scooters and my husband and I have fun riding them around as well!”
- By AAA "Bankerbabble" (Mt Pleasant, PA)

“This electric scooter is great. Actually this is my second one of this kind. It doesnt get any better. A++. Rode it from/to work for several months.”
- By I.A.L.S "pailoleon" (Spokane, WA)

“Very happy with this scooter! Excellent value for the dollar. Nice level of power, and very reasonable time between needed charges.”
- By Timbo

This range of scooters are more aimed at older children, teenagers and even adults. To this extent the price reflects this. Other practical features, like a rear carry bracket also show that these vehicles can be used on places like college campuses, parks and other built up areas. These are machines that can get you from A to B and not just fun to mess around on. A more suitable scooter to mess around on and certainly more for kids is the Pocket Mod Electric Scooter by Razor