Pink Razor Scooter

Pink Razor Scooter – The Sweet Pea Electric Scooter, Euro StylePink Razor Scooter – The Sweet Pea Electric Scooter, Euro Style

There are a few pink razor scooters available but one of the more popular is the Sweet Pea Electric Scooter. This is a pocket mod Euro style scooter design – in other words it looks like a miniature Vespa scooter. 

This is a great scooter for girls as it is the all important pink in color and is a fun and stylish looking way to get around. It even has tassels on the handlebars – what could be more stylish for girls.

It goes by the name of Sweet Pea. I'm not sure where the name came from but all the other versions seem to have names too.

The Sweat Pea Scooter couldn't be easier to maintain. As it is an electric scooter, the key to running it is to keep the battery charged. There is a plug on the scooter and it comes with a plug in wall adapter. Simply plug your scooter into the wall socket at home. Leave it for a few hours and you will have a full charged battery.

The documentation says that a full charged scooter will give you one hour of constant riding. This means moving so you will be surprised how long one hour will last because a child will not be riding all the time. She will park it up for a while and then ride down tot he shops. Park it again and then come back. You may even find that one charge will last a week depending on how often it is used.  
The Pink Razor scooter is very easy to ride on. As it is based on the classic Vespa design, the rider sits as if they were in a chair. Forward facing, with feet planted on the the scooter floorboards. The front fairing will give the rider protection from any bugs or whatever may come into the scooters path – this includes wind resistance for the rider.

It will take a child a few hours to get completely comfortable with the scooter (especially if they have only ever been used to a standard pedal bike). This includes handling the power source. The power is controlled like a regular scooter, with a hand throttle and brake system. This might take a bit of getting used to. Handling and steering of the scooter is similar to a bicycle, except that the scooter is a bit heavier than a bike and the wheels are fatter. Again this may take a bit of getting used to but a few hours experience should suffice.

The scooter has an electric motor that can deliver a maximum of 15 mph. This will be fast enough for kids, especially if they have only been used to a pedal bike. There is a good suspension system and fat rubber tires that make it a comfortable ride, even on bumpy terrain.

Other features, that are true to the original Vespa design are the centrally located kickstand when the scooter is parked up. There is also storage space under the seat to hold whatever takes your fancy – a crash helmet for instance.

This Pink Razor scooter makes an great Christmas gift for girls that want a bit of mobility and independence. It will also appeal to a young girls sense of style too.

Key features of the Pink Razor Scooter

Top speed of 15 mph
Rubber Tires - 12 inch diameter
Retractable kickstand
Holds maximum of 150 pounds
Recommended for Children 12 and over
90 day warranty
Fully charged battery will last for 10 miles  
Variable-speed acceleration
Padded seat
Storage compartment under seat
Single speed, chain-driven motor

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