Razor Vapor Scooter

Razor Vapor Scooter – Back in Black, Super Cool Electric ScooterRazor Vapor Scooter – Back in Black, Super Cool Electric Scooter

The Razor Vapor scooter is the black version of the ever popular Pocket Mod electric scooter. There are quite a few color schemes to tickle your fancy. The popular colors are black, pink, mint, mauve and red. Only the black and pink versions have actual names (which must say something about their popularity or maybe they were the first models released). The pink version is called Sweet Pea. The black one goes by the name Vapor.

I'm not sure what the name Vapor actually means or what they are trying to say about the person that goes for a Vapor scooter. It's quite an action oriented word. It suggests speed and stealth so black might be an apt color. And black is also a good color to hide dirt and any wear and tear.

So with this said, I would say that the black vapor pocket mod scooter is aimed at boys. It's a boys toy (just as the pink scooter is firmly aimed at girls). And even though the name suggests speed and stealth, it's specification is exactly the same as the other models.

It is designed as a replica of the classic Vespa scooter. The shape is very similar in that it has the front fairing, the engine cowling cover and the same seating arrangement as the traditional Vespa scooter. It even has many things that the Vespa has, such as the centrally located stand for when the scooter is parked up. There is a pop up seat which reveals storage space for a packed lunch, drink bottle or a bike helmet.

The Razor Vapor scooter is powered by a single speed electric motor. This is controlled by the standard  handle bar throttle that is normal for motorbikes and scooters. It can get a maximum of 15 mph out of the motor. The motor requires a battery to operate. This battery can be recharged from a wall socket (wall adapter is supplied with the scooter). The adapter fits into a plug in on the seat of the scooter. A few hours charging will give you a fully charge battery that can power the scooter for around an hour.

It has disk brakes that are controlled by handlebar brake levers. There is a good suspension and pneumatic 12 inch rubber tires. This means that riding the Vapor scooter will be a pretty comfortable affair, even if you are going off road (well off pavement/sidewalk). It is not really an off road scooter however because the floor board is fairly low to the ground and can be damaged by rocks or other objects. With this said, it is fine in a garden and only grass or lawns.

The scooter is aimed at 12 year old children but from comments and reports on the scooter, younger children can ride it without any problems. It may take a bit of acclimatizing to the Vapor however, especially if it is the first powered vehicle that the child has driven or ridden on. For instance, a child comfortable with a pedal bike may have to adapt to controlling the power with their hands rather than with their feet. And the handling will be slightly different to a push bike as the scooter is heavier and the wheels are wider than most pedal bikes.

Key features of the Razor Vapor Scooter

Top speed of 15 mph
Rubber Tires - 12 inch diameter
Retractable kickstand
Holds maximum of 150 pounds
Recommended for Children 12 and over
90 day warranty
Fully charged battery will last for 10 miles  
Padded seat
Storage compartment under seat
Single speed, chain-driven motor

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