Razor Pocket Mod Electric Scooter

Razor Pocket Mod Electric Scooter Pocket Mod Electric Scooter

The Pocket Mod Electric Scooter is a miniature European styled scooter. It is developed by Razor USA as a miniature or replica model of the famous Vespa scooter that was developed by the Italian bike makers Piaggio. As you can see by the picture, the engine cowling and overall shape of the Pocket mod is very similar to a Vespa, however it is far easier to run and maintain as it uses an electric motor.

Simply plug the scooters battery adapter into a wall socket for a few hours and the scooter is ready to go again. A fully charged electric motor lasts up to one hour of constant driving.

As with the Vespa design, the pocket mod has a flat floorboard so that the rider can adopt a comfortable, forward facing position. The front fairing provides protection from wind and any other resistance which leads to safer and comfortable riding.

For kids keen to get an electric scooter or any type of scooter for that matter, then the pocket mod is one to consider. It is reasonably priced and looks good to boot. There are a range of colors all based on the same design and configuration. So you have the Sweet pea pink pocket mod electric scooter, the Vapor black scooter, the mint electric scooter (which is called the Bistro) and the red version which is the Hot Mod like any self respecting red colored motor vehicle. In fact there is a color that will suit most children's wishes.

As already mentioned the scooter is powered by an electric motor that has a maximum speed of 15 mph. This is fast enough for children and for use on sidewalks or off road areas.

It is well designed, having the standard disk brakes with handlebar control of braking and acceleration. Rubber pneumatic tread tires and a suspension system ensure that the rider remains comfortable even over bumpy terrain.

There is storage space under the seat, just like a Vespa. Other similarities include the centrally located kickstand to secure the scooter when it is not running.

This scooter makes an ideal Christmas present or gift, especially for girls as it has a stylish and cool look while also having the reliable power system for getting around.

Remember that a helmet must be worn when riding the scooter. Even elbow and knee guards might be appropriate for some riders. Whilst it is not heavy and handles pretty much like a bicycle, it does take a bit of getting used to for new riders. After a day however the rider will be comfortable and confident in handling the scooter.

Key features of the Pocket Mod Electric Scooter :

  • Maximum speed of 15 miles per hour
  • 12 inch pneumatic rubber tires
  • Retractable kickstand
  • 150 pound maximum weight limit
  • Recommended for Children 12 and over
  • 90 day warranty
  • Covers distance of 10 miles on one full charge of electric battery 
  • Variable-speed acceleration
  • Padded seat
  • Storage compartment under seat
  • Single speed, chain-driven motor 

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Types of Razor Pocket Mod Scooters

The pocket mod scooters are a popular electric scooter for kids made by Razor. Razor are an American company that seem to specialize in all kinds of vehicles for kids and kids at heart. Along with the motorized vehicles like the pocket mod, they also make push scooters and derivations on the skateboard. They also make things like off road quad bikes, mini bikes and go karts.

The pocket mod is one of the more popular electric scooters that they make. Whilst the scooter is primarily for girls, if the names of the various types of Razor pocket mod scooters are anything to go by, boys will also enjoy riding them. And with this in mind, let's cover which makes are more suited to girls and which ones are more for boys.

As far as I can see there are currently 7 makes of pocket mod scooter. And when I say makes, they are no different from each other. The only difference is the color of the scooter. Other than that they are exactly the same in terms of specifications, engine size...the works.

The 7 current Pocket Mod scooters are :

The Sweet Pea – this is a pink version with white seat. There are two types of pink used on this model. Check out the Pink Razor Scooter specifications and review here.

The Hot Mod Razor Scooter – this is a red model with black seat

The Vapor – this is an all black colored pocket mod, this includes the seat. Check out the Razor Vapor Scooter write up and who it would best suit here.

The Betty – The Betty is a purple or mauve colored scooter with white seat. See the Betty Razor Scooter.

The Hello Kitty Pocket Mod Scooter – This has a pink and white livery with the Hello Kitty logo on the engine cowling.

The Daisy – The Daisy Pocket Mod is quite hard to find currently. It has a red/pink color with a Daisy image and logo on the engine housing.

The Bistro – This is a mint or green colored scooter.

Why the scooters have been given these names I don't really know. Well I guess the Hello Kitty model makes sense but other than that the names seem a bit random. I guess it's to give each version a bit of character and stand out from the others.

As already mentioned, these scooters are aimed at girls but the Hot Mod, Vapor and Bistro are fine for boys to ride on. The Sweet Pea and Hello Kitty are probably more suited to girls.

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Other Razor Scooters

Razor make a lot of scooters from the regular old push scooters to electric or motorized scooters. The electric scooters seem to be really popular but obviously are a bit more expensive than the push style. On push style model that deserves a mention is the PowerWing caster scooter because it has such a unique design. It has a v shape design with a large front wheel and two small, caster like back wheels. The v shape means that the rider places his/her feet on the tips of the v. This allows the rider to pull off radical maneuvres and sharp turns. It's a lot of fun despite not having a power source.   

Currently Razor have a few electric scooter models, these are the e100, e200, e300 and the Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter. Basically these e models are the same design as the kick scooters that made the Razor name back in the early 2000s and, of course, the e stands for electric.

The 300 model looks a bit bigger than the 200 and the 200 looks bigger than the 100. They also look a bit faster. There are some slight variations with these models too. So, you can get seated versions of the same models and also gimicky variations like the espark scooter which allows you to make some sparks as you travel along the road.

The Ecosmart Metro scooter looks almost like an adult scooter and, from the name, it suggests that it should be used in traffic congested areas to get places fast. Not sure if it's legal to take on the road though, I guess it's like a bicycle with a motor so maybe it's ok. It has a bigger motor and has more comfort and practical features, like a seat and wide floor board and a carrier bracket to stow a bag or such like on longer journeys.

Razor have also branched out into miniature pocket bikes and electric dirt bikes. The dirt bikes look very popular and are your standard motor cross bike but powered by an electric motor. They are aimed at kids and don't go as fast as a proper motor cross bike. The current models include the MX350, MX500 and MX650.   

Other Electric Scooters

Razor are not the only company to make electric scooters. Other companies that seem to be developing a good reputation are Currie Technology with their range of eZip scooters. The eZip scooters seem to be aimed at a more adult audience (or at least older kids and teenagers). They are more practical in design and functionality and have bigger motors. Currie Technologies also make electric bicycles and the eZip seems to be a development out of the bicycle design. A more unique design of electric scooter is the Nano electric scooter made by Currie Technologies too.